ENA's Cultural Exchange Program

ENA is dedicated to engaging with emergency nurses across the globe. The cultural exchange program offers emergency nurses the opportunity to travel abroad and glimpse into healthcare in other countries. To date nearly 100 emergency nurses have traveled with ENA to countries like Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Information regarding the 2020 trip is forthcoming, please check back for details.

To view itineraries from past trips, please click on the links below:




Cultural Exchange Program Facilitator

Are you interested in supporting ENA's continued engagement with the global emergency nursing community? We have a unique opportunity to partner with ENA as our Cultural Exchange Program Facilitator. This member will serve as lead program facilitator to aide in planning emergency nursing driven curriculum within identified countries. To complete the application click below.


  • Must be an ENA member in good standing
  • Must not have conflict of interest with any international partnerships
  • Must hold valid passport and be able to travel internationally

*Note: This is a paid independent contractor position with ENA*

Deadline to apply is February 7, 2020

cultural exchange program facilitator For questions: